Using selected low-loss, self-healing polypropylene films and sophisticated manufacturing techniques such as high-vacuum drying and special coating patterns, the best of ELECTRONICON™s design expertise and highest care in manufacturing have been spent to prepare these capacitors for your most demanding applications, and toughest ambient conditions.

Our long-life MKP UHDTM contain three delta-switched capacitor elements of short height and large diameter. The optimized combination of winding length, film size, and winding geometry substantially reduces inherent power losses and allows us to achieve highest surge and rms current ratings as well as an overvoltage strength and switching stability which before would have been known only of impregnated paper capacitors. An MKP UHD™ handles up to 250% of its rated current and current surges of 400 x IN. The permitted operating temperatures range from -40°C up to 70°C maximum temperature (average over 24 hours: 60°C).

Other than the traditional impregnated Heavy Duty capacitors in ALLFILM or MKV (paper/film) technology, our capacitors have a dry dielectric allowing for very close tolerances of capacitance which is of particular importance in filter applications.

For the extremely unlikely event of malfunction, they are provided with BAMTM (overpressure break-action mechanism) for safe mode of failure.

Our original CAPAGRIPTM terminals L and M guarantee optimum sealing of the capacitors, and provide for convenient connection of cables up to 50mm². A special spring system guarantees reliable and durable operation of the clamp. They are rated IP20, i.e. protected against accidental finger contact with live parts. They also permit the direct connection of discharge reactors and resistor modules, as well as easy parallel connection of additional capacitors.