Universal AC/DC capacitors with internal safety device

As a rule, AC capacitors should be protected by an autonomous safety device. We have been doing that for over 70 years and know how to make sure it works: our break-action mechanism (BAM).


Three-phase AC-Filter capacitors

In AC filter applications, capacitors can be exposed to immense current and voltage stress. Clever design features reduce the power losses and resulting thermal stress.


E70 AC

Dry-type resonating capacitors for 50/60Hz induction furnace equipment.

E70 AC

Surge capacitors for overvoltage protection

They are as different as they look: instead of the conventional oil, we fill solid resin into our surge capacitors.


Low-inductance AC/DC capacitors

For AC applications with high frequencies and powerful surge currents which require short current paths and strong terminals.


Large box-shaped AC capacitors

Box-shaped AC capacitors with large capacitance and heavy current ratings, in robust and vibration-proof housings, custom-tailored to match your individual requirements.


E62-3HF with CAPAFIX™ and CAPASTUD™ terminals is the perfect AC Capacitor for High Frequency Filters

It is the perfect evolution of our renowned E62-3ph series: E62-3HF answers the growing demand for single and three-phase AC capacitors that can withstand AC currents in the kHz range. CAPAFIX™ is the new name of our optimized low-loss TORX terminals which can operate safely even at very high frequencies. They are also preferred by some as a flat alternative to the traditional, taller CAPAGRIP™ terminal. The two sizes of CAPAFIX™ – Z3 (up to 39A per phase) and S4 (up to 56A/phase) – are complemented by the robust CAPASTUD™ with M10 studs that can withstand up to 100A per phase. Both CAPAFIX™ terminals are also used for single phase AC capacitors in the E62 range. They can be completed with an optional snap-on cover for protection from accidental contact (similar to IP10).