The power factor controller CR 2020 calculates the actual and reactive power in the mains from the measured current and voltage. It also determines if actual power is being consumed or delivered.

The controller identifies the power of the connected capacitor stages and connects or disconnects them in an optimized manner as required by the actual mains conditions. The regulation considers the frequency of changes in the reactive load and follows the principle of rotational switching. This guarantees that optimum power factor correction is achieved with the minimum number of switching operations.

It is also possible to determine a fixed capacitor value which is always added to the measured capacitor power. This is useful for the additional compensation of the reactive power of a transformer.

The integrated digital display can show the actual power factor, the mains frequency, the actual tariff, the programmed target power factor, the value of present harmonics, the connected and the missing capacitor power. This makes general and specific monitoring of the capacitor bank and its operating conditions possible. The power factor controller CR2020 is ready for operation with its preset functions immediately after installation without any modifications or adjustments

Available with 10 outputs.