Detuning Reactors (FK-Dr)

A consumer whose load includes a high proportion of variable speed motor drives and/or other harmonic generating loads may require a detuned capacitor system. This would perform the function of power factor improvement whilst preventing any amplification of harmonic currents and voltages caused by resonance between capacitors and inductances in the mains.Our low-loss reactors are designed for such systems. They are available with adjusted (Dla) and fixed ratings (D):

The adjusted reactor is designed to create exactly the required output of reactive power, allowing for the internal voltage rise inside the resonating circuit formed together with the capacitor connected in the circuit. Note that exact sizing of the capacitor is necessary.The fixed reactor is matched to a power capacitor with standard rating at mains voltage. This allows for additional installation of detuning reactors in existing non-detuned systems with standard capacitor ratings , however, it will lead to increased output of kvar due to voltage rise inside the resonance circuit. Our reactors are available with copper windings as well as with aluminium windings. Connection is made through copper terminals in either design. Available in the power range of 1.25 to 100kvar, for rated voltages of up to 690V