Power Quality fix installed / Description


The fault recorders and power quality analyzers PQI-D, PQI-DA and PQI-DA smart are the key devices for all measurement tasks in low-, medium- and high-voltage grid.

Beside the possibility of standard evaluations, the analyzers also have a high speed fault recorder capability with up to 40.96 kHz sampling rate and a half cycle r.m.s. registration, which allows detailed analysis of grid disturbances.

In particular, the power quality analysers are suitable for monitoring, registering, evaluating and recording special reference quantities or quality agreements between the supplier of energy and the endcustomer.

Advantages PQSys:

Power Quality according to EN 50160 and IEC 61000-2-2/2-4

IEC61000-4-30, class A

Fault recorder (oscilloscope, effektive value, event)

Comfortable visualisation software WinPQ/PQ ParaExpress

SCADA connection (TCP/IP, IEC 61850)

Our devices:

All Power Quality-devices made by A. Eberle Germany fulfill 100% of the requirements for class A devices acc. to the standard IEC61000-4-30 Ed. 3.

PQI-DA smart – the worldwide first Power Quality Net Analyzerwith IEC61000-4-30 Class A Certificate according to Edition 3 (2015).

Certificate of Conformity IEC 61000-4-30 Class A:A-Eberle PQI-DA and PQI-D