Power Quality Mobile Analyzer


Mobile Power Quality-Analyzers such as PQ-Box 100, PQ-Box 150 and PQ-Box 200 were developed for the operation in harsh environment (protection degree IP65). Both are applicable for measurements in public (CAT IV) and industrial networks for voltages up to 1000V. Analyzers are delivered with WinPQ Mobile, intuitive, user-friendly software package for settings, records extraction and visualization, second to none in its class.

Advantages PQ mobile:

Fault resolution
Frequency analysis up to 20 kHz
Load analysis, energy measurements
Transient analysis 2 MHz, +/-5 kV
IEC61000-4-30, class A/CAT IV


Power Quality Analyser PQ-Box 100

WeSense™ measurement system

Network Analyzer & Transient Recorder PQ-Box 150

Network Analyzer & Transient Recorder PQ-Box 200