Voltage Regulation & Transformer Monitoring


One of the essential features of the voltage regulators is the possibility to implement special functions via customer-specific programs without interfering with the firmware of the regulator. The programs can be created online using a simple editing tool. All necessary program elements, incl. help texts and sample program lines, are included with every regulator.

The digital voltage regulators REG-D/REG-DA can be integrated into control system applications via all common profiles.

Advantages: REGSys™:

Voltage regulator with intuitive parametrization

Transducer and multi-channel recorder with log book

ParaGramer for easy parallel switching

Tap-position statistics for optimizing the quality of control

Regulation of three-winding and phase-shifting transformers and transformer banks

Transformer monitor according to IEC 60354/60076

Free programmability for customer-specific requirements

Monitoring the gas bubble formation in the transformer oil
(temperature, safety margin)

All SCADA – possibilities (incl. IEC 61580)

Advantages TraCoMo™:

Transformer Control and Monitoring System

Tap Changer Monitoring

Online DGA (Disolved Gas Analysis)

Monitoring of Oil and Winding Temperature

Moisture-in-Oil and Moisture-in-Paper Assessment

Intelligent Bushing Monitoring

Transformer Oil Bubbling evaluation (bubble formation temperature and safety margin)

Measurement of the break down voltage

PLC (Programmable logical controller) functionality for application specific solutions


Supervising Unit PAN-A1

Monitoring Unit PAN-A2

Voltage Regulator REG-D™

Voltage Regulator REG-DA

Voltage regulator SR 192-D

Transformator – Monitor – Modul TMM